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To sleep land I go, will I dream? I don’t know. I ask only for peace. I wish I could sleep on a cloud.

Actually I’ll get honest here. I wish I could fall asleep in someones arms who would stay awake and watch over me in a loving way, pray/guard against evil dreams.

That is all.

4 Randoms

People do 5 random things, I do 4 because fuck conformity! Actually 4 because I love the number <3

1. I’m infatuated with 4 different men. By this I mean I cannot stop thinking about them. They make me melt into the floor whenever they say/type anything in general to me, but I would never date any of them.

2. I’m a Gemini.

3. The movie Jennifer 8 will always have the best kiss scene, the best plot and the kindest detective I’ve ever watched on tv or in a movie. I think it should be watched by all men. (The kiss scene does things to me…)

4. I would have been in Syria when the uprising started in 2011 but I wasn’t.

Just something I found in a parking lot. I believe it’s a Prowler. Would never buy but would happily go for a ride 😉

Let’s help refugees thrive, not just survive

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Watch this. And reblog it. PLEASE.

Because Syria holds a special place in my heart and I believe refugees need us.

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As Jamie Lee Curtis explains, hurt people hurt people…

An anti-bullying video which tells us all something important about dealing with bullies. And not becoming them.

Please reblog this. Let’s spread it around.

Spreading because this is so important to me.

I’ve fallen in love with a band…it feels weird. Could listen all night. Want to lay a while with me?

"i missed your likes. :)"

Asked by theoldiebutgoodie

And I missed liking you! Sorry I went away.

November 8th 2014 I will be starting a journey of art on my body. I lost weight 3-4 years ago and ever since I was 16 (before I originally got fat) I had always wanted art on my body. I am glad I did not get anything before I gained weight or while I was overweight. Now I can really start my art journey. Only issue is that a lot of what I want done cannot be done until I have surgery and then once I have the surgery( to get rid of all my excess skin) I have to wait for it to heal so I can get those tattoos done. I mean we are talking thousands of dollars…I am not rich but this is so important to me. I have always had an artist’s heart. I have about 10-15 artists already picked out and of course I have 20-30 designs I want done. Most are butterflies to be honest but none of them are monarch, all of them will be different and special. I want dark I want beautiful, I want past mixed with future, and love mixed up with many themes. I don’t think many of my friends and family will understand but I don’t care, I can’t wait to get tagged #tattooedlady or #girlswithtattoos or something along those lines. November 8th needs to come faster! (I know it’s going to FUCKING HURT!)

I’m such a slow learner. I just learned I have messages on Tumblr…Derp!


Popping someone’s bubble of ignorance and forcing them to deal with reality.

Yes I need to do this to someone.

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Popping someone’s bubble of ignorance and forcing them to deal with reality.

Yes I need to do this to someone.

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